Do you spend hours every day, testing different links on your website; deciding on which business partner to choose and why; trying to figure out which markets convert the best?


Don’t guess what your customers could like. Analyze your link structure, choose the best associates, determine your strongest and weakest points and get the most out of your site.


Become a true manager! Automatize most of your chores, let StatsAnalyzer in charge of everyday tasks and focus on the big decisions.

Using our Flexible, Powerful and Reliable website analyzer tool, you can now

easily identify your weaknesses and optimize your sites.

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Why choose StatsAnalyzer?

“Decode” your customers

Break down visitors of your page into categories and concentrate on the ones, that convert best.

Target your markets

Assign priority to preferred countries and concentrate on markets, that truly matter to your business.

Reduce supervision

Specify notification rules. Put on auto. Relax. Intervene only if needed.

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Chek out some of the features that make StatsAnalyzer awesome!

How do you do it?


Get a real-time analysis report of your visitors’ behavior based on tens of parameters, ranging from conversions, geolocation, productivity, etc


Discover your strengths and weaknesses in a few minutes and easily check if your website can be further optimized.


Use the analysis to your advantage – decide on the best optimization strategy and eliminate design flaws.


The “all-in-one” smart responsive table on your dashboard lets you effortlessly supervise everything from one place.


Concentrate on the most productive business partners and drop the ones that don’t convert for you.


With Our product, you won’t need to guess what your customers could like. Establish best conversion strategies and grow your business.

Ready to optimize your site? Get started in minutes!

User reviews

Hands-down the best optimization tool out there. Period. It has all the features you will ever need AND can be fully customized to your preferences. StatsAnalyzer really helped me understand my visitors better. And my websites are now fast and effective. I would recommend this product to anyone trying to understand their visitors and striving to perfect their online business.

Bill MacKay Professional blogger

To anybody thinking of testing this product – do it! The StatsAnalyzer itself and its features are awesome, and on top of that, it’s super easy to install and master. I’ve had it up and running within 5 minutes and was already running real-time data diagnostic on our site. A must-have analytics and diagnostics tool!

Tamara Kohler E-shop Manager